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Enjoy Fresh Bottled Water with Innovative Water Coolers


What’s better than having access to healthy, clean and fresh water, than having it chilled at just the right temperature? That’s what we offer with our quality water coolers. Our exciting range of products are designed to improve your employees’ health and lifestyle, and we remain committed to helping creating a world that’s healthier, cleaner and greener.


Did you know filtered water can remove dangerous contaminants from drinking water, while retaining healthy mineral deposits that balance the PH of drinking water? It’s true, and it’s only one of the many benefits of investing in water coolers and bottled water. We’ve been in the water cooler and water purifier business for nearly a decade, and bring many years of combined experience and knowledge to the market.


All our products are proven to be the most effective and reliable technology available in the industry today, and we’re proud of our extensive catalogue of solutions helping to keep our clients’ offices greener and healthier. Let us help you bring the healthy properties of bottled water to your employees, and enjoy cool temperature water any time of the day.


Advanced Water Cooler Technology in South Africa


Our vast range of products are sourced by our seasoned team of buyers, who goes the extra mile to provide our clients with the most reliable and advanced water coolers at the most competitive rates. We ensure our clients enjoy access to the most reliable water coolers and drinking water fountains available on the market, without breaking the bank.


We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, so you don’t have to. You simply approach us for the latest technology and advancements in water cooler technology, and rest assured you’re exposed to the best products available today. Here are only a few of the many products available through Crystal Coolers:



Invest in Quality Water Coolers for a Healthier Work Environment


We supply an extensive variety of water coolers, coffee machines and drinking water fountains, providing you with the choice that is suited to your needs. Our coolers are designed for both commercial and residential use, and we also supply coolers that function in large corporate environments.


Our water fountains also work in a variety of environments from gyms to schools, workshops and universities. Let us supply you with the best quality water coolers in Durban, Richards Bay and Johannesburg. Both our water coolers and water fountains are complete with its own