Quality Water Coolers & Coffee Machines

Healthier. Cleaner. Greener.

Crystal Coolers offers an exclusive range of products that have been designed to improve your health as well as your lifestyle. We are a company dedicated to a healthier, cleaner and greener world. We have been in the water cooler, commercial/ office coffee machines and water purifier business for almost a decade and are knowledgeable in all the products on the market. All our products are proven to be the most effective and reliable technology available in the industry.If you are looking for the best water cooler, coffee machine or water dispenser Durban has to offer, look no further than Crystal Coolers!

Our exclusive range of products are all hand-picked and sourced by the Crystal Coolers’ team. We make sure to provide our clients the most reliable water coolers, water fountains and coffee machines possible. Our team is well educated on all aspects of the business, and are up to date on the latest developments and changes within the industry. As the industry evolves and shifts, so too does Crystal Coolers. We will always provide the most exclusive and top-quality products available on the market.

The superior products that we offer include:

Our Quality Products

We provide a variety of water coolers, water fountains and coffee machines so as to provide you with a choice that is able to suit your specific requirements. Our coolers have been designed for both household use and we also supply coolers that function perfectly in large corporate environments. The water fountains that we supply also work for a multitude of environments including gyms, workshops and universities. Office coffee machines, commercial coffee machines, office water coolers and residential water coolers – we have it all. The ultimate water coolers Durban has to offer businesses and individuals!

Both our water coolers and water fountains come complete with built-in filtration systems. These systems guarantee that you will never have to worry about running out of bottled water again! With these clean, healthy and green machines you will no longer have to waste unnecessary money on bottled water and our rental options are 100% tax deductible.

Not only is bottled water harmful to the pocket, it is also incredibly dangerous to our fragile ecosystem. Bottled water is also less regulated than that of filtered/ purified water and has been proven to be no safer than municipal water. Our products are proven to offer you the safest and healthiest drinking solutions.

Intense research has been done on the benefits of filtered water. This scientific research has concluded that filtered water, such as ours, will reduce cancer of the bladder, gastrointestinal and colon. This is possible because regular chlorinated water will be filtered through a number of layers and this process will remove multiple impurities in the water.

Looking for the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient water cooler Durban has? Our products give you the ability to reduce your carbon footprint and give you the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. For healthier, cleaner and greener lifestyle… for the best water filters Durban has to offer… look no further than Crystal Coolers.