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The first truly eco-friendly technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost effective solution to water filtration.

We offer high quality products developed for the eco-conscious customer, our products provide superior filtration when compared to other competitors.
The water purification media found in the majority of Ecopure Filters products is known as active ceramics. These active ceramic spheres, in the form of small balls (about 4mm in diameter), perform the following function:

  • Kill bacteria whilst keeping the filters bacteriostatic
  • Absorb chemicals and metals including chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals
  • Condition water to be softer
  • Maintain and introduce healthy nutrients and minerals in the water.

Our focus is to produce the next generation of filtration products which offer enhanced healthy water for you and your family.
We have developed a range of products for drinking water as well as for various other applications within the domestic domain.

ECO 7 – Fridge Filter

Replace filter jug with this convenient filter!

In-line appliance water filter for direct in-line connection for fridges, freezers or water coolers.

  • Capacity: 10,000L | Cash: R699

iX HPC – Undercount Water Filters

iX HPC – Undercount Water Filters

Highly efficient taste, colour, odour, chlorine and sediment filter in one.

iX Water HPC Filters provide a greater and more efficient reduction and removal chlorine as well as superior taste & odour improvement than traditional carbon block media filters. iX HPC Filters are also highly effective sediment filter with a cyst reduction rating of 99.95%.

iX Water HPC Filter utilise a technology that creates a uniquely advanced media by super heating powered activated carbon into a single block, making the carbon denser, therefore reducing its porosity, which provides positive effects for filtration purposes. The result delivers the benefits of both a carbon block filter and a sediment filter in one cartridge.

The iX HPC range of water filters also benefits from better flow rates, reduced pressure drop and up to 3 times the capacity of traditional carbon blocks. In addition, due to the manufacturing process of iX Water HPC Inserts, fewer carbon fines are released into the water, meaning less flushing, clearer water and quickers start up time.

Why you need an inline water filter

They are one of the most affordable solutions if you want a constant supply of filtered home and office water irrespective of whether you need the supply for your shower, kitchen sink or for your fridge.

Inline water filters are well known for their durability and reliability. They will last up to an average of 6 to 12 months.

Easily Replaceable
Inline water filters are exceptionally easy to replace. They will usually come standard with push fittings so that you can replace them seamlessly. They will also have an arrow indicating the exact direction water will be flowing so that you can know in which direction to install them.